Saturday, September 3, 2011

2 weeks in

Hello world. 

Now we are 2 weeks into our iPad 1:1 pilot, and I'd say we're making great strides toward using these devices to their full potential.  Getting back into the swing of things at the beginning of a school year is a real challenge.  It feels a little bit like jumping into a lake in the middle of winter. 
So as I was attempting to plan for next week, it hit me that I have this amazing opportunity to make each and every learning opportunity deeper for my students.  The devices at our fingertips have so much potential, and I am DETERMINED to crack the code, as it were.

So this week I created a science lesson that I'm pretty excited about.  We are studying the Scientific Method as a way to kick off our combined SS/Sci unit about Explorers, Scientific Method, and forces and motion.  I went to our LRC and asked the director to help me locate a book that presented a scientist that worked through the scientific method in order to make a discovery.  She found me a great book about the woman who developed Kevlar - you know, the stuff in bullet-proof vests. 

My first thought was to do a read aloud, and then have a class discussion.  Then as I thought more about the length of the book and the fact that I have these iPads, I changed my direction.  It's a simple addition, but I think it will keep the kids more engaged. 

Using the app e-clicker, I created a question set that goes along with the story.  I will deliver the questions at strategic places during the read-aloud to capitalize on teachable moments and opportunities for discussion.  I think this will keep the students attention more than a typical read-aloud because they will be excited for the next question, and will want to be ready to participate.  The question set is a variety of questions including multiple choice and true/false with correct answers, but also includes some questions that will ask the students for their opinions (agree/disagree). 

I hope it works out!