Sunday, February 27, 2011

Obsession #1 - Food

So, I have a confession... I'm in love with food.  I'm going to call it an obsession because it has a tendency to take over my life.  Put me in a room with cable tv and I immediately turn to the Food Network, or Cooking Channel, or TLC, or Travel Channel, or whatever happens to be playing something that involves people cooking, eating, or watching other people cook and eat.  I also subscribe to an unhealthy number of food blogs which I keep up with daily through my Google Reader.  I've got a bunch I'm happy to share, if you're interested.

So this morning while I was putzing around on the internet I came across this delightful little treat!  I must make these:
Yes, my friends.  Pie.  In a cute cute cute little jar.  I want a hundred in my freezer immediately.

Secretly I wish I could quit my job and just cook a hundred things all day.  Of course, that dream also involves me married to a rich man... that needs to be fattened.  Oh, and I have a personal trainer in this dream.  Oh well.

1 comment:

  1. My friend made me one of those for Christmas! I totally forgot about it--it's still in the freezer!!

    Thanks for the reminder...must eat pie soon... :)

    Oh, and as for your dream, just know that you are ALWAYS welcome to try out any type of baked goods recipes or vegetarian fare on me... ya kno...just sayin' :)