Sunday, March 20, 2011

Post-Grant crazy

A rainy Sunday is the perfect time to blog.  Especially when you're trying to be better at blogging regularly.

Really what I'm doing is putting off dealing with the large bag of grading that I haven't touched since I put out the Trimester 2 report cards with the thought that between report cards, and conferences, and other things, it wasn't necessary and could wait.  Weeeeeelllll it's waited - and it's still waiting, for now.

So I wrote this grant....

 I started the process on Friday evening last week with a tool called popplet.  It is a great little site that let's you create mind-maps in a seemingly infinite space that can incorporate text and other media (pictures, videos, etc.).  With that open in one window, twitter in another, Google Reader in a 3rd and Evernote in a 4th, I managed to put together a big map of ideas for possible activities, facts about others' experiences with Ipads, and my own opinions about why they're so great.  I worked on that Friday night and Saturday night (how lame am I??) and by Sunday morning I was ready to start writing.

The process was so much smoother than I thought.  I put it all together in a Google Doc and immediately shared it with all the people whose opinions are important.  I got amazing feedback and so many compliments on how thorough and exciting the proposal came out.  Later this week at a team meeting, the district tech guy told me that I got a lot of compliments from the committee upon the first read.  That doesn't mean at all that I'll get it, but it's great to hear that I'm at least being considered.

The more I think about it, the more I realize how much a class set of Ipads could completely revolutionize my classroom.  And of course I'll be reaching out to my teacher friends and PLN to brainstorm about that if it actually happens!

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