Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Well, thanks to my friend Miss G I have been on a Spring Cleaning kick.  Right around most breaks from school I'm inspired to...rearrange.  Now 1.5 years into my teaching career, my room has changed drastically.  When I first started teaching, my room looked like this:

 The library was separated.  Some books were in one place, and the rest were separated.  Plus, they weren't easy to locate.  Those baskets were too heavy!
My desk was in the back corner of the room.  It's a pretty typical spot in my building, but I've sinced moved it so that it's the first thing you see when you walk in.  It keeps all my stuff in one place, and has been a better location for me.

Oh, and we had desks.  And imacs, which took up a ton of space, were always broken, and took forever to start up when they were functional.  I've sinced ditched the desks and the desktop computers, and we have a lot more useable space. 

So, I don't have pictures of my classroom today, but I'll take some.  Upon returning from Spring Break this morning, I was pleasantly reminded by the state of my room.  I stayed after school last Friday for 2 hours so that when I came back today, things would be all neat and tidy.  It's much better and less stressful to come home to a clean classroom (, house, kitchen, etc.) 

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