Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Classroom, reinvented

In my last post, I commented on how my classroom used to look.  But thanks to another year of experience and inspiration from my good friend Miss G, I have been very focused on getting organized so that I can maximize my classroom space and make it  the best possible environment for my kids.

Example #1 - I've tried to put all like materials together.  Here you see the math materials all nestled together in an easy to reach bin/baskets that can be removed for lessons.

 Those boxes that used to sit at students' desks?  They have their own place on the shelf now.  This keeps them out of the way, but also gives students the perfect place to keep those supplies they don't use too often like crayons, markers, and glue.
 My library has seemed to multiply, but that could just be because I've finally organized it in a way that makes sense.  The books are all in one place, they are organized by genre, and they are broken up by multi-colored bins to keep it interesting. 
 All the technology is run out of the back corner of the room.  I have a cart here that houses my document camera and my laptop during the day.  This way I can plug in my SMARTboard and work from the front of the room, or work with students at this station.
 I have learned that bulletin boards are better used if they contain material that contributes to the learning process.  On the right are word study activities students must complete each week.  On the left, our bulletin board where we will record characteristics of the each region of the United States.  On the tables?  Guided reading materials, extra post-its and highlighters, and a tower of different types of paper kids might need throughout the day.
My desk is at the front of the room as you enter.  It takes up little space, and when I'm sitting there it gives me a full view of the classroom.  Individual student desks have been replaced with tables.  They take up less space and they are easier to re-arrange.

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  1. looks great, miss r!!! looking at the pictures, i REALLY wanna come in and see how it looks now in person! maybe we can have a work afternoon there one day :)